Batumi is leading 2:0 in the qualifying series

Batumi is leading 2:0 in the qualifying series

Batumi, coached by Gia Kazanjiani, advanced 2:0 in the Super League qualification series and is missing 1 victory before the goal. We would like to remind you that Batumi, which took the penultimate place in the regular championship, has to keep its place in the Super League. The contender is Kavkasia, which took the second place in the A league, which ended 10 days ago (lost the final with Mega).

Kavkasia, coached by Beka Tsivtsivadze, still has a chance to move to the Super League, but at this stage the chances have been reduced to a minimum. The Caucasians are already losing the qualifying series 0:2, however, it should be noted that they were close to winning the match today. The game became tense at the end of the third period, before that Batumi had been winning convincingly and there was nothing to suggest that Kavkasia would have a chance to win. 

The hosts were winning 64:50 in the middle of the third period, after which Kavkasia’s point guard – Elliot Cole equalized the score and then advanced his team with 4 very accurate three-pointers. Of course, it is not only Cole’s merit that the Tbilisi club turned the game around – Davit Maisuradze, Richard Matiashvili, Markese Mayfield and his other teammates played flawlessly and Kavkasia went ahead 80:74 5 minutes before the final siren.

Batumi was in danger of losing and if not for Levan Babilodze, no one knows how the match would have ended. Babilodze scored 3 three-pointers in less than 3 minutes, to which the Caucasians responded with only 1 free-throw and a minute and a half before the end of the match, Batumi regained the lead – 83:81. In the remaining time Kavkasia was finally broken and Batumi easily came to victory – 91:83 (Statistics)

Antwain Johnson led the winners with 22 points. Nikola Vujovic scored 15 points and 12 rebounds. Levan Babilodze had 19 points. Elliot Cole was the most effective in Kavkasia with 20 points. Markese Mayfield scored 18 points. 

The third match of the series will be held in Tbilisi on May 8, and in case of victory, Batumi will keep its place in the Super League. If Kavkasia wins, the 4th match will be held on May 9 in Tbilisi.