Olimpi and Dinamo will meet in the Players Development League finale

Olimpi and Dinamo will meet in the Players Development League finale

Dinamo and Olimpi will meet in the Players Development League finale. Today, in the semifinals at the Olympic Palace, these teams defeated their rivals and will face each other in the league title match tomorrow, August 27, at 17:00.

Let us remind you that the Players Development League is being held for the first time this year and it will become traditional in the future. To participate in the league, players registered on the federation’s website, after which the coaches of 11 teams selected a total of 165 players. The selection process was conducted online through ZOOM (which was broadcast LIVE on the federation’s website and Facebook page) and each team was staffed with 15 players.

The main goal of the Players Development League is for players and coaches to be able to represent themselves and collaborate with clubs. Participating in the league is a good opportunity for pre-season training for players, and for coaches and club management to observe and select basketball players.

The semi-final matches turned out to be quite tense and interesting. Tskhum-Apkhazeti, which passed the group stage undefeated and met Olimpi in the semifinal, suffered its first defeat.

Olimpi players put up a fierce resistance to the opponent and managed to win the equal match with outstanding fighting ability at the last minute – 66:61 (statistics)

Davit Tsivtsivadze led the winners with 17 points. Luka Kalatozishvili collected 15 points and 9 rebounds, Levan Lolishvili had 10 points. Davit Buachidze became a top scorer with 17 points in Tskhum-Apkhazeti, Zuka Machaladze scored 13 points and 19 rebounds. 

Dinamo and Kutaisi played in the second semifinal. Until the last period, Kutaisi players were fighting equally against the opponent, which was the merit of Luka Maziashvili, Nikoloz Soselia and Giorgi Tcheishvili’s effectiveness. However, Dinamo still managed to break the rival. Lasha Mikeladze, Vova Tavakarashvili and Giorgi Simonishvili showed themselves well at the decisive moment, which resulted in the advantage of Dinamo exceeding 10 points and the winner became clear. 

Eventually, Dinamo trained by Jolivet Toudjani and Kakha Tomaradze, won 86:79 (statistics) and advanced to the final. Tavakarashvili led the winners with 23 points. Lasha Mikeladze collected 16 points, 13 rebounds and 6 assists, Irakli Kiladze had 15 points and 17 rebounds. 

The final match will be held at the Olympic Palace on August 27, at 17:00, after which the top five and the MVP of the tournament will be named, who will be awarded along with the members of the winning team of the Players Development League. According to the existing regulations, unfortunately, spectators will not be allowed on this match.