The 2020-2021 Super League season has started at the Olympic Palace

The 2020-2021 Super League season has started at the Olympic Palace

The 30th National Championship of Georgia has started. The 2020-2021 season of the basketball Super League started today with 2 matches at the Tbilisi Olympic Palace. In the first out of 2 matches, the fight did not take place, while the second turned out to be relatively tense.

Initially, Kutaisi – winner of Dudu Dadiani Memorial five days ago and Vera competed with each other. The match ended with a 35-point victory of Kutaisi. The advantage of the team trained by Kote Tughushi was evident from the very beginning and the situation on the court did not become tense throughout the game. Imereti club won the first ten minutes 25:4, and then gradually increased the advantage.

2 legionnaires of Vera were present in the hall, but did not take part in the meeting. After arriving from the US, they were in quarantine and only joined the team today. Kutaisi players with 3 legionnaires did not have trouble defeating the opponent and gained a convincing victory in the debut match of the championship. – 88:53 (statistics).

Kaheem ransom became a top scorer with 23 points in Kutaisi. Akaki Dvalishvili collected 14 points, 14 rebounds and 4 steals. De Juan Wright scored 15 points. Vakhtang Qadaria was the most effective with 15 points and 11 rebounds in Vera. 

Cactus defeated Mgzavrebi i the second meeting – 75:71 (Statistics). The fate of the match was decided at the last minute. In the final episode, the Cactuses trained by Archil Zhgenti played more convincingly and achieved a well-deserved victory. However, Mgzavrebi fought to the end. In the beginning, thewere able to reduce the difference and even advance, however, thanks to the team game, Cactus managed to lead the well-started game to victory.

It should be noted that only five players – members of the starting five – gained points from Cactus. AJ Sumbry was a top scorer with 22 points, 12 rebounds and 4 assists. Samajae Haynes-Jones scored 21 points. Sandro Sanadze collected 17 points and 8 rebounds. Soso Gognadze was the most effective with 20 points in Mgzavrebi. Jadon Cohee had 12 points.

The next match of the first round will be held tomorrow, October 18, between TSU and Batumi. The final 2 matches will be hosted by the Olympic Palace on October 21.