Mgzavrebi won the third place in Superleague

Mgzavrebi won the third place in Superleague

Basketball Club Mgzavrebi became the owner of the third place in the current Superleague. Buba Berishvili’s team reiterated last year’s result, when they defeated Rustavi in a “bronze match”. In this season, Mgzavrebi defeated current champion – Dinamo.

The match was held at Tbilisi Olympic Palace and it started with Dinamo’s obvious advantage. Thanks to Merab Boqolishvili, Demagoj Bubalo and Mikheil Chochua’s effectiveness, Irakli Khoshtaria’s team advanced 10:0 at first. However, Mgzavrebi quickly tied the game. They are undefeated in fast breaks – accordingly, they managed to equalize the score 15:15. The first period also ended with an equal score – 17:17.

Second quarter was equal, but Mgzavrebi gained an important leadership in a decisive 2 minutes of the period. The difference reached 10 points thanks to Adrian Bowie, Kakha Jintcharadze and Soso Gognadze. Eventually, the score became 43:30 for the big break after Giorgi Qavtaradze’s fast break and accurate free-throw.

The situation didn’t change after the big break. Dinamo wasn’t able to tie the game, so Buba Berishvili’s team won convincingly and became the owner of the third place.

Adrian Bowie led the winners with 21 points and 8 assists. Soso Gognadze scored 12 points and 13 rebounds, he played one of the best matches in this season. Revaz Chachanidze collected 11 points, Kaka Jintcharadze had – 10. Demagoj Bubalo was the most effective with 18 points and 10 rebounds. Mikheil Chochua scored 17 points.

Zaza Ghonghadze, Adviser to the President of the Basketball National Federation, awarded Mgzavrebi’s players and coaches with bronze medals after the match.