Mgzavrebi's first victory and the first defeat of Titebi in the current Superleague

Mgzavrebi's first victory and the first defeat of Titebi in the current Superleague

The 4th round of the Super League is over, in which 4 matches were played and 1 match was postponed. The meeting between Rustavi and Kutaisi will take place later. As for the last match of the round, the game between Titebi and Mgzavrebi turned out to be very tense. Based on the tournament situation, it can be said that an unexpected result was observed: the team with 3 losses beat the undefeated opponent.

Mgzavrebi, trained by Buba Berishvili, fought a lot and celebrated the first victory in the current Super League – 79:77 (Statistics). We should mention that before the 4th round there were 3 teams in the championship without a win, however, all of them – Mgzavrebi, Vera and Olimpi managed to achieve the desired results and there is no undefeated team in the Super League any more.

Mgzavrebi won the match in the last seconds, but the victory of Berishvili’s team was well deserved. Mgzavrebi were winning from the beginning and their leadership reached the maximum at the end of the first half – 9 points (45:36). Manuchar Markoishvili used the one-minute break well and when the players of Titebi returned to the court in the second half, they played more successfully. The Legionnaires increased their pace and efficiency, while Akaki Lomouri scored a significant three-pointer and in the middle of the third period Titebi reduced the gap to a minimum – 49:50.

Markoishvili’s team managed to advance in the final period. After Jordon Talley’s accurate attack, 4 minutes before the final siren, Titebi gained an important leadership of 5 points – 73:68. Berishvili took a minute break, and the game was taken over by Mgzavrebi’s guard Jaydon Cohee. After his 5 points in a row, the score was equalized – 75:75. Davit Lomidze missed a three-pointer and Cohee atacked again, he was stopped by a foul, but he managed to score both free-throws 18 seconds before the final siren – 77:75. 

Titebi’s guard – Tylan Birts equalized the score with free-throws as well and Mgzavrebi had 16 seconds for a final attack. Jaydon Cohee delayed time by dribbling and went under the reem for seconds before the end. Got a foul and performed both free-throws accurately – 79:77.  Markoishvili had exhausted the limit of minute breaks and Titebi could not plan an attack and had to enter the ball from under their own cover. 4 seconds was not enough to carry out a deliberate attack and the time ran out.

Hero of the match – Jaydon Cohee led the winners with 18 points (9 points in the last 3 minutes). Troy Steward was the most effective with 20 points and 8 rebounds. Taylor Adway scored 18 points. Tylan Birts was the most effective in Titebi with 24 points, Jordon Talley collected 17 points and 8 assists.