TSU defeated Dinamo and finished the first circle on the first place

TSU defeated Dinamo and finished the first circle on the first place

TSU ended the first cicle. The team trained by Leqso Lapanashvili and Irakli Dzidziguri will meet the new year on the first place. Students defeated one of the leaders – Dinamo in the 10th round match – 87:71 and despite the fact that they rest in the 11th round, none of the teams can reach them.

TSU won 8 and lost 2 matches in the first circle. Today they met quite solid team – Dinamo, which has 5/8 victories, but TSU convincingly defeated them anyway. They played versatile and right basketball. This match showed the advantage that TSU has with the other teams and at the expense of what this team is leading the current Super League. This is strong physical training, balanced composition in all components and most importantly – discipline.

TSU started today’s match with a fast counterattacks, which gave them a solid leadership – 12:5. And whet the rivals cought up, TSU changed tactics. Giorgi Turdziladze and Giorgi Korsantia set control over the game and managed to return their advantage – 23:18.

Serbian Djordje Milosavljevic was playing the ball, assisted by Sandro Sanadze and David McFarland from the wing. The latter was collecting points with fast and effective attampts. TSU won the third period 25:18 and went to the final break with 16-points leadership.

Dinamo wasn’t going to give up, reducing the difference to 6 points thanks to the effectiveness of Maizer Revazashvili, Nodar Gogodze and Tyler Williams. However, Lapanashvili took a timely break and TSU’s leadership reached to more than 10 points soon. The fate of the match was decided here. TSU went to the victory and finished the first cicle before any other team, and most importantly – on the first place.

McFarland became a top scorer from the winners – 22 points. Madison had 17 points. Giorgi Turdziladze collected 16 points and 8 rebounds. Giorgi Korsantia scored 8 points and 10 rebounds. Tyler Williams was the most effective with 24 points in Dinamo. Maizer Revazashvili scored 22 points. Nodar Gogodze had 13 points.

Remaining 2 matches of the 10th round will be held on December 15, at Olympic Palace.