Titebi's heroic victory over Cactus and Mgzavrebi lost their chance to stay in the Super League

Titebi's heroic victory over Cactus and Mgzavrebi lost their chance to stay in the Super League

The next round of the Super League ended with an amazing match. Titebi, trained by Manuchar Markoishvili, which was losing to Archil Zhgenti’s Cactus with 18 points at the end of the third period, finally won 102:92 (Statistics).

Eliminating the 18-point deficit is not a big surprise, even more deficits have been reduced in the current Super League, however, an unprecedented breakthrough of Titebi is distinctive here. Markoishvili’s team won a 6-minute period 27:4(!) and advanced 94:84, 2 minutes before the end of the meeting. Such breakthroughs are pretty rare. Every player of Titebi played exceptionally well and did his own maximum, however, we should distinguish Akaki Lomour’s effectiveness, who, at the right time, fueled the fiery escape of his team with very important three-pointers.

Cactus plays very productively in the second round, thus avoiding the initial threat of leaving the Super League. Cactus have won 6 of the 8 matches so far. They were close to victory today as well, but… On the other hand, with this victory, Markoishvili’s team found out that they will not take the last place. Dinamo also won today and it was clarified that the club Mgzavrebi will be relegated from the Super League. In the remaining matches, the team coached by Buba Berishvili will not be able to climb above in any of the options.

It is difficult to say which team will go to the 10th place in the regular season and who will have to fight the A League finalist for the ticket to the next season of the Super League. The difference between the teams in the 3rd and 10th places is only 2 points. This means that any of these 8 teams may not be in the playoffs: Dinamo, Titebi, Olimpi, Batumi, Vera, TSU, Cactus, Tskhum-Apkhazeti. At the same time, it is certain that Rustavi will finish the regular championship in the first place, and Kutaisi will take the second place.

The next match of the Super League will be held on April 4 in Batumi, where Kutaisi will play.