Tskhum-Apkhazeti defeated Dinamo 89:82 and advanced to the semifinal series

Tskhum-Apkhazeti defeated Dinamo 89:82 and advanced to the semifinal series

The Super League semifinal series started today. The match between the local team and Cactus will start at 17:00 in Rustavi, before that the series of Tskhum-Apkhazeti and Dinamo opened at the Tbilisi Olympic Palace. We would like to remind you that the mentioned series is before 2 victories and Tskhum-Apkhazeti has already taken the first step to win it.

The team coached by Nikoloz Cherkezishvili and Irakli Dzidziguri defeated Muhammed Tachi’s Dinamo 89:82 (Statistics) and advanced 1:0 in the series. The match was went on with a transitional advantage, however, it should be noted that most of the time, Dinamo was ahead. Muhammad Tachi’s team was leading by 12 points at some moment. This happened 3 minutes before the end of the third period, when Dinamo advanced 67:55 after Luka Bulashvili’s free-throws.

Such a lead 13 minutes before the end of the game means a close approach to victory, but Dinamo did not use the chance. This is of course the merit of the Tskhum-Apkhazeti players, who fulfilled the tasks given to them by the coach and reduced the gap to 6 points by the end of the 3rd period, and from the last quarter they also took the lead.

As a result of the effectiveness of Joshua Mc Folly, Alexandre Phevadze, Giorgi Sharabidze and their teammates, Tskhumi escaped and advanced with 10 points – 88:78 3 minutes before the end of the match. Cherkezishvili’s team did not miss this chance and successfully maintained the lead until the last minutes.

Alexandre Phevadze led the winners with 10 points, 12 rebounds and 4 assists. Raheem Johnson scored 13 points and 10 rebounds. Giorgi Sharabidze had 13 points and 6 rebounds. Luka Bulashvili was the most effective in Dinamo with 28 points and 10 assists. Michael Edwards scored 17 points and 9 rebounds.

The second match of the series between these teams will take place on May 17, at the Olympic Palace, at 14:00.