Vera's first victory and Dinamo's first defeat in the current Superleague

Vera's first victory and Dinamo's first defeat in the current Superleague

The second game scheduled for today at the Olympic Palace is over, in which, due to the tournament situation, a rather unexpected result was recorded. After 3 rounds, the undefeated Dinamo lost to Vera with all three losses. Vera trained by Irakli Khoshtaria defeated Dinamo, which is considered a favorite, thanks to a good game in defense – 82:76 (Statistics).

Vera played solidly in defense, and in attack they relied mainly on American Bryson Scot, who played for Vera for the second time today after his debut pointless match and scored 32 points and 10 rebounds. Scot played easily at the expense of individual mastery. Almost none of his stoppers could be found among the Dinamo players. The team debutant Jalen Bradley scored 10 points in the first half, which helped Vera a lot. 

In the first half, Vera won 39:35 and gained the main advantage in the third period. This period was crucial, because if Dinamo had a claim to anything, they should have done it in the third period. Thus, the mentioned section was dominated by Vera and the advantage of Khoshtaria’s team exceeded 10 points.

Dinamo had won almost lost game earlier in this season, but what they had done with Batumi, they couldn’t repeat to Vera. The maximum that Muhammed Taci’s Dinamo managed to do was to reduce the gap to 6 points. Givi Baqradze helped Scot in points, while in defense, they blocked the zones again and it turned out to be enough for the victory.

Thus, Vera celebrated its first victory in the current Super League, and Dinamo lost for the first time. Debutant Bradly had 15 points and Givi Baqradze scored 14. Vakhtang Qadaria finished with 10 points. Luka Bulashvili was the most effective with 27 points in Dinamo. Trayvon Reed collected 15 points and 10 rebounds. 

2 matches of the 4th round will be held on November 8 at the Olympic Palace: Olimpi – TSU (13:00), Titebi – Mgzavrebi (15:30).