Dudu Dadiani Memorial started with the victory of Dinamo, TSU and Titebi

Dudu Dadiani Memorial started with the victory of Dinamo, TSU and Titebi

Dudu Dadiani Memorial has started today at Tbilisi Olympic Palace. Let us remind you that 9 teams participating in the tournament are devided into 3 groups. 3 best performer from these groups, plus the best second-place-winner will go to the semifinals. Today there was one meeting in each group and the winner teams took a solid step towards the semifinals. It should also be mentioned that Dudu Dadiani matches have a huge importance in terms of preparation. Almost all the teams have new members, accordingly, coaches use these matches for trying new tactics and other components.

Cactus and Dinamo met each other in the first match. The meeting was quite equal and suitably, tense, the fate of which was decided at the last minutes. Dinamo, mainly composed with young players, defeated Cactus 79:74, which was merit of a team play. American Legionaire Tyler Williams led the winners with 20 points and 11 rebounds. Kevin O’Brian had 19 points. One of the candidates of GNT – Luka Bulashvili scored 17 points, 7 rebounds amd 4 assists. Justin Everett was the most effective with 27 points and 7 rebounds in Cactus. Zoran Vilotijevic and Brian Williams scored 13-13 points each.

Tomorrow, on October 6, Dinamo will meet Rustavi and Cactus will take a rest for some time.

As for the next match, audience couldn’t see the fight there. TSU, which is now trained by previous Superleague champion – Leqso Lapanashvili, defeated Olimpi 80:59 despite the fact, that TSU played without legionaires, because one of them has an injury, another won has just joined the team and the third one hasn’t arrived yet. However, Christopher Anderson, who got injured in prevous season and almost wasn’t able to play, is now in a very good shape and made quite a big contribution in today’s victory.

TSU gained advantage from the beginning and were increasing it permanently. Their leadership reached 10 points in the second period and retained so until the very end. As for Olimpi, they had 3 new legionaires, but it was the firt official match for both teams for now, so we cant’t make any further deductions. TSU’s centre – Giorgi Turdziladze led the winners with 28 points and 11 rebounds. GiorgiKorsantia had 16 points and 15 rebounds. Anderson scored 12 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists. Vasil Beruashvili collected 11 points and 9 rebounds. Davion Turner was the most effective with 14 points in Olimpi. Luka Kalatozishvili had 11 points.

Olimpi will meet Kutaisi tomorrow. TSU will take a break.

Titebi and Superleague debutant – Vera played in yesterday’s final match. Vera, trained by Irakli Khoshtaria, played a very convincing first half and had 2 points advantage for the big break – 34:32. However, Titebi played excellently in the second half and won the third quarter 21:9, after which they gained quite a big leadership.

The situation became tense in the final period despite the fact, that 3.40 minutes before the final siren, Lasha Gamkrelidze’s team was winning by 13 points. However, Vera was able t reduce the difference to 3 points – 60:63 thanks to Beqa Chikviladze, Brandon Slay and Vakhtang Qadaria’s effective play. Anyway, it was Vera’s maximum in this match. Eventually, Titebi managed to win by 3 points – 67:64.

Titebi will have a break tomorrow and Vera will meet Batumi.