Semifinalists of the Dudu Dadiani Memorial will be revealed in the final round

Semifinalists of the Dudu Dadiani Memorial will be revealed in the final round

Even after the second round of Dudu Dadiani Memorial, no team is known, which will definitely compete in the semifinals. Althougt Dinamo was very close to success, due to their victory with Cactus, they somehow couldn’t manage to gain the playoff tickets so far, as they lost with Rustavi today.

The result of this match was undoubtedly a sensation. Dinamo was winnin 12 points 3.15 minutes before the end of the match – 84:72. However, they lost in the remaining time – 0:14 and eventually lost the game 84:86.

Rustavi’s American legionnaire – Denzel Livingston scored 6 points at the final minute, the last of which was 1.5 seconds before the final siren.

Rustavians will meet Cactus on October 7, in the final round and will go to the first place in case of a victory. In another case, all three teams will have equal points and the winner will reveal according to the number of balls scored.

The situation is similar in group A, where Olimpi played one of the most tense matches against Kutaisi and won in the second overtime by 10 points – 118:108. In the final match of this group, TSU will meet Kutaisi and if Kutaisi wins, all the three teams will have equal scores as well.

The only thing that has been revealed in today’s round is that the Superleague debutant – Vera will not be able to play in the playoffs.Vera has already lost the second match, against Batumi this time – 67:76. Accordingly, the match between Batumi and Titebi will reveal a semifinalist tomorrow.

Let us remind you that 3 best performer from these groups, plus the best second-place-winner will go to the semifinals.