Rustavi and Kutaisi will meet in the final of Dudu Dadiani Memorial

Rustavi and Kutaisi will meet in the final of Dudu Dadiani Memorial

Regional clubs – Rustavi and Kutaisi will meet in the final of Dudu Dadiani Memorial. Today, both teams gained a convincing victory in the semifinals held at the Olympic Palace. Qvemo Qartli defeated Olimpi on their way to finals, while Kutaisi beat Cactus.

Cactus – Kutaisi
Statistics: 86:97

Kutaisi has been in the final of Dudu Dadiani Memorial three times so far and has won only once. In 2011, the Imereti club defeated the Ministry of Internal Affairs and won the title, in 2015 and 2016, Kutaisi lost to Kazakh Barsi and Dinamo Tbilisi, respectively.

Kutaisi trained by Kote Tughushi finished the match with Cactus convincingly, but the first half was relatively equal. Imereti Club won the first period 23:18, and was promoted by 6 points after a big break, the Cactus players, however, did not give up and kept the chance through the efforts of the American legionnaires. In the third period, Tbilisi approached the opponent with 3 points – 52:55, which turned out to be their maximum. By the end of the period, Kutaisi increased the lead to 19 (!) points, which was achieved with the results of Akaki Dvalishvili, Luke Moyer, Giorgi Barbaqadze and Ilia Londaridze.

In the final period, the leadership of the Imereti club exceeded 20 points and the fate of the match was determined. Cactus only managed to reduce the difference until the end of the game, while Kutaisi convincingly came to victory and reached the final.

Akaki Dvalishvili led the winners with 26 points. Moyer and Barbaqadze scored 18-18 points each. Ilia Londaridze collected 14 points. Samajae Haynes-Jones was the most effective in Cactus again, he scored 23 points this time. Darius Williams had 14 points.

Rustavi – Olimpi
Statistics: 99:64

There was one favorite in this meeting. Rustavi held the best match at the tournament. Qvemo Qartli trained by Anatoli Boisa started the game with excellent results and advanced 10:2 first, then strengthened the lead 22:6, and won the first period 30:11.

Olimpi, who was playing without legionnaires, wasn’t able to do anything, while the Rustavi team, strengthened by 3 Americans, on the contrary, played a fast game and, most importantly, were distinguished by their efficiency. Rustavi won the second quarter 24:15 and the victory was actually gained for a big break – they were leading by 28 points.

Nothing has changed in the second half. Olimpi did not have the resources to improve the game and the match ended with an easy victory for Qvemo Qartli. Michael White became a top scorer with 19 points in Rustavi, Revaz Chachanidze scored 16 points, Jylan Washington had 15. Otar Pkhakadze was the most effective with 20 points in Olimpi. Levan Gogichaishvili collected 18 points. Luka Kalatozishvili had 17 points and 10 rebounds. 

Historical fact: Dudu Dadiani Memorial has been won by Rustavi the most times – in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2014.

The final match between Rustavi and Kutaisi will be held on October 12, at the Olympic Palace, at 18:00.