Kavkasia defeated Orbi in A League, and Mega defeated Telavi

Kavkasia defeated Orbi in A League, and Mega defeated Telavi

A League has a clear leader – Kavkasia coached by Beka Tsivtsivadze, who has won 4 out of 4 matches and is in the first place in the standings. Kavkasia defeated another competitor – Orbi today. The fate of the match was revealed in the third period, which was held by Kavkasia at a high level and they gained enough leadership to win.

Kavkasia defeated the opponent 66:53 (Statistics). Before the third period, they were winning by 3 points and gained a comfortable advantage with a 19:8 victory in the quarter. Orbi is a pretty good team but it wasn’t able to reduce 14-point deficit in the final period. Players of Kavkasia came to victory without any extra complications, which is primarily the merit of the American legionnaires. Devon Coly scored 17 points. Shannon Fawuler had 7 points and 12 rebounds, Elliot Cole collected 14 points.

Today, in the second match held at the Olympic Palace, Mega convincingly defeated Burji Telavi – 113:87 (Statistics). Mega coached by Guga Pataraia held the meeting convincingly and did not question its superiority. Mega won the first period 27:19 and increased this difference to 18 points for the big break.  

Let us remind you that there are 6 teams competing in A League, who will reveal the top 4 after 2 rounds and the fight to move to the Super League will continue from the playoffs. The winner will upgrade to the Super League, while the losing team of the finals will hold the qualifying series with the last place-holder in the Super League, whose winner will compete in the Super League next season.

The next match of A League will be held on March 11: Burji will host Zestaponi in Telavi.