Sokhumi defeated Titebi and advanced in the qualifying session

Sokhumi defeated Titebi and advanced in the qualifying session

The qualifying round for the Super League ticket started today, at Tbilisi Olympic Palace between Sokhumi, which took the last place in the Super League regular championship and Titebi,which took the second place in A League finals. The qualifying series will last until one of the teams defeat another 2 times. With the decision of the Board of Basketball Federation, the number of teams in the Super League increases to 10 from the next season.

Accordingly, Sokhumi, which was left beyond the Super League, now has the chance to stay among the strongest teams and they started well today. The team trained by Gia Kazanjiani, defeated Titebi with a convincing difference – 82:53 in the first match of the qualifying series.

The meeting was going on with transitional advantage. Sokhumi won the first period 19:16 and gained a full control over the game from the second period. They won the 2nd quarter 27:14 and advanced with 16-points before the big break.

If Titebi wanted to win the game, they should have revealed enough strength in the third period, but this didn’t happen. After winning the 3rd period 17:13, Sokhumi had 20-points advantage before the final quarter. Finally they have won with 29 points – 82:53.

Kwan Waller scored 21 points in 22 minutes. Sergo Atuashvili was one of the most effectives with 13 points and 12 rebounds in Sokhumi. Otar Buliava had 12 points. Sergey Primak scored 7 points and 10 rebounds. John Brighton led Titebi with 18 points and 9 rebounds. Beso Lezhava scored 14 points. Antwan Space scored 12 points.

Second match of the qualifying series, will be held on May 5 at Tbilisi Olympic Palace. If Sokhumi wins, they will play in the Super League in the next season, in case of losing, there will be the 3rd match on May 9.