Players Development League: Registered players will be selected by coaches on August 13

Players Development League: Registered players will be selected by coaches on August 13

200 players have been registered in the Players Development League, from which the coaches of the teams participating in the league will select their favorites. The players will be selected on August 13, at 15:00, via ZOOM, which will be held online on the official Facebook page of the Basketball Federation ( and on a website (

Each team, competing with the names of Super League teams, will select 15 basketball players, They received their serial number on August 11, after completing the registration, during the online draw with ZOOM.

As a result of the draw, the teams were divided into 2 groups. Teams in Group A and B were relegated after their names were picked and the right to select players on August 13 was also granted accordingly. Following the draw, a Players Development League calendar was sent to the team coaches along with a list of registered players.

Among the 200 registered basketball players are contract players who will represent their own team in the league. They will not take part in the so-called draft to be held on August 13. The list of contract players for their own team will be sent over by the coaches to the leaders of the league in advance and they will add up to 15 players to their own team on the August 13 draft. It should be noted that the principle of leaving the contracted player in the respective team will affect the Players Development League this year, and from next season each player registered in the league will be redistributed to the team only by selection. 

11 teams and a total of 165 basketball players will take part in the Players Development League. The teams in each group will play 1 round, after which the 2-2 best team of the groups will advance to the semifinals. Both the semi-final and the final will be one-match sessions. The Games of the Players Development League will start on August 17, at the Tbilisi Olympic Palace (without spectators).