Debutant Vera is undefeated in the Superleague

Debutant Vera is undefeated in the Superleague

The second round of the Superleague continues today. First out of two matches scheduled at Tbilisi Olympic Palace, finished now. The Debutant of the Supeleague won the second match as well. After defeating Kutaisi in the first round, Vera beat Rustavi today. If we compere the roster, Rustavi is one of the favorite teams this season. It has GNT members and candidates and a Greek coach – Georgios Ketselidis.

Vera is led by Irakli Khoshtaria. They have played an excellent basketball both times – against Kutaisi and Rustavi. Young players are the leading force of this team. 18 years old Irakli Sulkhanishvili became the top-scorer with 17 points, he also had 10 rebounds and 4 assists. Tato Zuzadze played more than 25 minutes and scored 9 points. Tornike Anjaparidze (17 years old) played 9 minutes and scored a 3-pointer.

Rustavi’s experienced and well-known players weren’t able to stop Vera, who won at the expense of the balanced game and well organized defensive movements. Just like the previous match, Vera has been decisively attacking their rivals in the final period, which indicates good physical training of this team. 5 minutes before the end, after the 3-pointers of Tato Zuzadze and Irakli Sulkhanishvili, Vera’s leadership reached 19 points. Which logicaly decided the fate of the match.

Brandon Slay was very effective with 12 points, 12 rebounds and 7 assists in Vera. Vakhtang Qadaria scored 13 points. Givi Baqradze had 12. Nikola Tadic was the top-scorer with 14 points and 13 rebounds in Rustavi. Oto Pkhakadze and Denzel Livingson had 11-11 points each.

For this moment, Vera, TSU and Dinamo have 2/2 victories and are leading in the standings.