Dinamo beat Batumi in the final period

Dinamo beat Batumi in the final period

The 2nd round of the Super League continues today. The first of 2 matches scheduled at the Olympic Palace is over. Dinamo Tbilisi was losing to Batumi until the final period, but thanks to the sport arranged in the decisive ten minutes, Dinamo gained a significant victory – 97:88 (Statistics).

Batumi started the game efficiently and stably. They could easily score points with both long and short distance and had an important advantage from the very beginning – thanks to the efficiency of Petar Aranitovic and Nikola Vujovic, Batumi won the first quarter 26:13. 

Dinamo tried to change the situation, but it did not work out for a long time. Until the final period, the leadership of Batumi was significant. Gia Kazanjiani’s team seemed to have achieved victory without complications, however, the final period and Dinamo’s effective game started at the same time. Dinamo won the 5-minute period, which started at the end of the third period and ended in the middle of the last quarter, 20:4 and advanced by 7 points.

In the remaining time, Dinamo trained by Muhammed Taci easily came to victory and lead the Super League with 2 out of 2 victories. Batumi has 2 losses on the other hand. Tyler Williams led the winners with 21 points, 13 rebounds and 8 assists. Luka Bulashvili became a top-scorer with 25 points. Nika Darbaidze collected 18 points and 6 rebounds. Nikola Vujovic was the most effective with 11 points, 10 rebounds and 7 assists in Batumi. Petar Aranitovic scored 24 points. Levan Maskhulia had 14 points.

In the last match of the 2nd round of the Super League, Mgzavrebi will meet TSU. Watch the live broadcast  http://gbf.ge/league/federation/live-game/5349465?whId=1772638&fbclid=IwAR03KQ3w3kBzodlhjPplxwA3NRUCLspHcX841UGKJaHrS4CBJsXwmoGfPao