Dinamo defeated Vera

Dinamo defeated Vera

Today’s matches of the Superleague ended with the match between Dinamo and Vera. Dinamo, which was on the second place after the first circle, significantly demoted in the standings and today’s match was a chance to rehabilitate. As for Vera, they had won all three matches of the second circle and would have equalized with TSU in case of victory today.

Because of all above mentioned, this match had a quite principal meaning. It turned out very interesting and tense until the last minute. The meeting ended with the victory of Dinamo – 74:66. Vera was demoted by 19 points in the third quarter, however, their coach – Irakli Khoshtaria was pursuing his tactics and the match returned to an equal road in the final period.

Vera was oriented on fast breaks and average-range shots, Dinamo chose long-range shots in return and eventually, won due to using this component on a very high level. Finally, Dinamo scored 15 three-pointers, which was 6 more than their rivals’ and it turned out enough to win the game. Vera, however, reduced 19-points difference to 3 points in the decisive period, but this was their maximum. Dinamo increased the difference to 8-10 points and decided the fate of the match.

Tyler Williams led the winners with 15 points and 10 rebounds. Luka Bulashvili and Kavin O’brian collected 14-14 points each. Mike Hughes was the most effective with 23 points and 10 rebounds in Vera. Brandon Slay scored 16 points.

Remaining 1 match of the 14th round of Superleague will be held tomorrow, on March 1, in Kutaisi: Kutaisi will host Rustavi.