Cactus equalized the series with Vera. The decisive match will be held on May 10

Cactus equalized the series with Vera. The decisive match will be held on May 10

The third, decisive match in the second quarterfinal series of the Super League was also appointed. After Kutaisi and Dinamo pair, the series reached the third match between Vera and Cactus as well. Cactus, coached by Archil Zhgenti, which was losing the whole game and periodically falling behind by 10 points, managed to win in the last seconds at the expense of great struggle and dedication – 77:76 (Statistics)

1 second before the final siren, Vera, which was behind 75:77, could equalize the score. The team’s American legionnaire, Aaron Parks, stood in the free-throw line, scoring the first ball and avoiding the second, equalizer. If he scored it, the game would move into overtime, where Vera had more chances of winning, because the already weakened Cactus lost 2 leaders due to personal fouls.

AJ Sumbry and Levan Maskhulia got the 5th personal fouls in the last minutes and left the game. Both of them were leaders and helped the team a lot. Zhgenti’s team lost the main leader – Samajae Hynes Jones – before the game, due to an injury received in the pre-match warm-ups.

Vera was very close to winning. In the final quarter, five minutes before the end of the match, Davit Gasitashvili’s team was winning by 10 points, but the cactus players fought with dedication until the end and managed to win.

Sandro Sanadze led the winners with 20 points. Levan Maskhulia scored 17 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists. AJ Sumbry had 12 points and 10 rebounds. Aaron Parks was the most effective in Vera with 20 points and 10 rebounds. Vakhtang Qadaria scored 14 points and 14 rebounds. Luka Maziashvili collected 13 points.

The 3rd, decisive meeting of these teams will be held on May 10, at 15:00.