TSU defeated Titebi 84:81 after being 17 points behind in the 3rd period

TSU defeated Titebi 84:81 after being 17 points behind in the 3rd period

TSU, coached by Lekso Lapanashvili and Davit Artsividze, ended the 6-match unlucky series with a brilliant victory. In so many matches the university players did not win and today, they were on the verge of the seventh defeat in a row, when they were losing by 17 points – 45:62 – 3:20 minutes before the end of the third period of the match with Titebi. It was after such a lag that thanks to a teamwork and thoughtful game, TSU managed to win. The final score is 84:81 (Statistics), which is the result of TSU’s perseverance. 

After being behind by 17 points in the third period, TSU strengthened its defense. They were preventing the opponent from gaining points as much as possible, were moving quickly to the opponent’s half and scoring points with various endings of the attacks. The Attacks of TSU were organized by Brandon Sly.

By the end of the third period, TSU reduced the deficit to 11 points and launched a decisive attack with the start of the last quarter. The main breakthrough was made in the middle of the final period, when they were losing 63:73 7 minutes before the end of the match and in the next five and a half minutes they beat the opponent 18:2 (!). Almost every TSU player took part in this amazing escape, though the highlights were Brandon Sly, Bryce Smith, Mikheil Chochua and Quentine Dove. It was mainly with the points of these players and the steadfast defense of the whole TSU that a decisive escape was made, which resulted in breaking Titebi out, finally. 

TSU was winning 81:75 at the last minutes, but almost lost this result, when Jordon Talley and Teimuraz Babunashvili scored three-pointers and equalized the score – 81:81. TSU had 22 seconds left for the last attack. Brandon Sly took the ball and the game on himself, scored a two-pointer 0.9 seconds before the final siren and then a free-throw, bringing the long-awaited victory to his team.  

Brandon Sly, without a doubt, was the most effective in TSU, he scored 24 points, 10 rebounds and 4 assists. Quentine Dove collected 15 points. Bryce Smith had 11 points. Tylan Birts led Titebi with 19 points and 10 rebounds. Jordon Talley scored 16 points. Prince Williams had 13 points. 

In the last match of this round, Olimpi and Vera will face each other.