Mgzavrebi won over Titebi

Mgzavrebi won over Titebi

Mgzavrebi and Titebi met each other at the Olympic Palace. Titebi, trained by Lasha Gamkrelidze, had 5 victories after 15 tours and was on the 7th place in the standings. However, they weren’t far from a lower part, so they extremely needed this victory.

Although Titebi fought until the end and even had a chance at the last minute, Mgzavrebi, trained by Buba Berishvili, showed more mobilization. Mgzavrebi won 91:86 eventually and now they are on the 2nd place with 9/14 victories together with Dinamo.

The match was quite equal. Mgzavrebi was leading mostly, but thanks to Ilia Londaridze, Giorgi Sharabidze, Kaheem Ransom and Luke Moyer, Titebi remained chances until the end. However, Mgzavrebi showed a better teamgame.

2:20 minutes before the end of a match, the leader of Mgzavrebi – Adrian Bowie advanced his team with accurate three-pointer – 87:77. It seemed that everything ended here, but Titebi didn’t give up and thanks to the effectiveness of Kaheem Ransom and Giorgi Sharabidze, they reduced the difference to 3 points. It should definitely be noted that Giorgi Sharabidze scored 2 three-pointers in a row after which the score became 89:86 32 seconds before the final siren.

However, Titebi couldn’t bring it till the end and eventually lost this match. Adrian Bowie led the winners with 23 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists. Kakha Jintcharadze and Prince Williams scored 19-19 points each. Rezo Chachanidze collected 18 points. Giorgi Sharabidze was the most effective with 23 points in Titebi. Luke Moyer scored 20 points, while Ilia Londaridze had 20 points and 11 rebounds. Ransom ended up with 19 points and 10 assists.

14th tour will end on March 24 with a match between Delta and Batumi.