Rustavi suffered the second loss in the Super League in Batumi - 10 blocks by Beka Bekauri

Rustavi suffered the second loss in the Super League in Batumi - 10 blocks by Beka Bekauri

The 17th round of the Super League ended today in Batumi. The leader of the championship Rustavi visited the capital of Adjara and suffered the second defeat in the Super League. Batumi coached by Gia Kazanjiani gained a much-needed victory, thus improving the tournament situation. The victory of Batumi was largely conditioned by the great game of Beka Bekauri, who performed a triple double with blocks. He scored 14 points, 14 rebounds and 10 blocks.

Since there is a complete and computerized accounting of statistics in the Georgian Basketball Championship, the amount of blocks in double digits was shown only once, in 2012, by Dinamo’s Milan Oluic. Bekauri recorded the second best result of the Georgian championships today, which was followed by 14-14 points-rebounds and eventually, a triple double.

Qvemo Qartli team had 14 wins and 1 loss before this match, while Kutaisi has a win-loss ratio of 12-4. Accordingly, if they do not lose all the games, Rustavi will finish the regular championship in the first place. Whether they like it or not, this moment has a bad influence on the basketball players psychologically and it seems that they failed to mobilize to the end. However, the team coached by Anatolი Boisa had a good chance to win. After the first period, Qvemo Qartli was winning by 7 points, and in the second quarter, Batumi managed to equalize and the score at the big break was 37:37.

The third quarter turned out to be equal and everything was settled in the last ten minutes. The hosts spent the final minutes with more mobilization and finally won with 7 points – 79:72 (Statistics). Beqa Beqauri led the winners with 14 points, 14 rebounds and 10 blocks. Thomas Wilder became a top scorer with 25 points. Nemania Kapetanovic scored 18 points. Jylan Washington was the most effective in Rustavi with 18 points and 10 rebounds. Maliek White scored 14 points, 14 assists and 8 rebounds. Mike Davis had 18 points.

The matches of the 18th round will be held on March 28, 29 and 30.