Marneuli lost against Cactus with 15-points difference

Marneuli lost against Cactus with 15-points difference

Cactus hosted one of the outsiders – Marneuli and defeated 91:76. Marneuli had only one victory in the current championship and it was with Cactus, but in today’s match they played with few players because of injuries and didn’t have lots of chances of success.

Artem Shvets, Djin Bondoumel, Ioseb Lezhava and Deondre Ray were missing because of injuries. It was hard to play without 4 leading players of the team.  Cactus, which was strengthened after 2 American legionaries (Terik Bridgeman, John Mitchell), did not miss the chance and won another victory.

Terik Bridgeman  became the top scorer with 17 points, John Mitchell scored 16 points. Deandre Parks and Davit Lomidze had 14-14 points each. The most effective player from Marneuli was Nicholas Neal with 15 points, Levan Eliadze had one double double – 14 points and 14 rebounds.

The next Super League match will be held on December 19th in Batumi, where Cactus will play


Temur Kankia (Marneuli head coach):

“It is difficult to play and especially to achieve success when 4 main players are knocked out. Despite all this, the team fought and there were moments when we reached the opponent. Now our goal is to get prepared for the future matches.”

Archil jhgenti  (Cactus head coach):

“It is difficult to actually evaluate your own forces when the opponent lacks 4 players. Although we won, I am not satisfied with the quality of the game. We have a strong opponent ahead, we play in Batumi in three days and we want to be mobilized for this game.”