Tskhum-Apkhazeti defeated Olimpi convincingly - 88:55

Tskhum-Apkhazeti defeated Olimpi convincingly - 88:55

The 3rd round of the Super League will end today at the Tbilisi Olympic Palace. The first of the planned 3 matches is over. Tskhum-Apkhazeti, trained by  Nikoloz Cherkezishvili, defeated Olimpi 88:55 (Statistics).

After 3 rounds, this was Tskhumi’s second victory, while Olimpi is among outsiders with all the three losses. It is obvious from the report that the battle did not take place. Tskhum-Apkhazeti was promoted from the very beginning, gained a solid advantage and won the whole game without hesitation. The meeting started in such a way that an analogue can hardly be found in recent years. Tskhum-Apkhazeti was winning 20:0 on the 6th minute of the match: Olimpi scored the first ball in the game 4:25 minutes before the end of the first period.

Tskhum-Apkhazeti was managing everything, while Dimitri Jakobov’s team – almost nothing. The first half ended in such a way that nothing changed on the court – 51:20 in favor of Tskhum-Apkhazeti, which in fact gained a victory before the big break. Whoever was on the court from Tskhumi played excellently. American legionnaire of the team Tyler Green is especially noteworthy, he is just 180cm tall and scored 4 points in total in the previous two matches. However, he was one of the best among Olympians collecting 17 points, 5 assists and 4 rebounds. Giorgi Sharabidze and Alexandre Pevadze were also very effective in both long distance shots and in a three-second zone.

Eventually, Sharabidze became a top scorer with 18 points, while Pevadze was the most effective with 16 points, 18 rebounds and 3 assists. Nodar Gogodze collected 12 points with 4 three-pointers. Kendrick Thompson was the most effective with 18 points in Olimpi, Luka Kalatozishvili scored 13 points and 14 rebounds. 

In the next match, Cactus will face Rustavi, and in the last match of the 3rd round, Vera will play against Titebi.