Group Stage Of U18 Qualification Tournament Is Over

Group Stage Of U18 Qualification Tournament Is Over

Group Stage of U18 championship is finished. All 16 teams which will compete for 8 vacant places in U18 A league is revealed. We remind you that this season all under age championships are held according new system. Each under age tournaments consists of A, B and in case demand C leagues. Teams will be divided in appropriate leagues after qualification tournaments. In next seasons, according to results teams will be raised and lowered between the leagues as well.

According to the main principle of new system, each sport school will have right to compete with only one team in A League, which will be the highest and moth prestigious tournaments. In total 14 teams will compete for championship in U18 A League. In line with quotation, 6 teams from regions are automatically included in championship. The main aim of ongoing qualification tournament is to reveal identity of other 8 clubs which will compete in this season’s A League.

Group stage of U18 qualification tournament consisted of 7 3 team and 1 4 team pools. 2 clubs with best results advanced to the playoff. Therefore we have 16 teams which have coupled according to their places in the groups (A1-B2, A2-B1 and etc). After 2 round sessions 8 best team will gain right to play in highest tournament.

Identity of one of the winners is already revealed.  Overtime 1 had to play against Overtime 2 in playoffs, according to decision of club’s management Overtime 1 will play in next rounds. 

Series consist of 2 game. Matches can end in a draw. The result of 2 matches is taken into account, and in case of draw teams will be assigned to play additional five minutes. The team with the most points in total of 2 matches will win the series.

Schedule for playoffs is available on our website