A League started with the victories of Vera and CIU

A League started with the victories of Vera and CIU

A League was opened with 2 matches held at the Olympic Palace today, with 6 teams competing for the Super League ticket for the next 3 months. 6 teams will play against each other in 2 rounds and the best 4 teams will go to the playoffs.

4 teams will pair in the semi-finals and the best of them will gain the ticket to play in the Superleague in the next season. And the team defeated in the final of  A League will play a qualifying series for Superleague ticket against the team at the 9th place in the Super League regular championship. A league teams that will not go to the playoffs after a regular championship and take 4-5 places will have to fight in the qualifying stage to remain the place in league.

 In the A league matches that started today, we could clearly see that the debutant Vera, which won the ticket for A league in the qualifying tournament in December, will be one of the candidates for the Super League.

Vera trained by Temur Kankia defeated Arena-Orbi 72:62. It was obvious as they had 20:5 advantage after the first period. Ivan Saicic led the winners with 21 points. Bryson Scot scored 17 points and 13 rebounds. Armani Flannigan was the most effective with 16 points and 15 rebounds. Glen Burns scored 15 points.

CIU beat Tbilisi in the second mach. Their advantage was obvious. Audience saw the fight just in the first period, then the team trained by Bojan Salatic took a control over the game and eventually, won with a huge difference – 93:62.

CIU’s American legionary – Wendell Lewis led the winners with 20 points. Second American – Andre Walker scored 15 points. Otar Pertaia had 13 points. Vasil Beruashvili was the most effective with 22 points and 13 rebounds in Tbilisi. Sandro Megeneishvili collected 18 points.

On January 17, at 18:00, Mega Basket and Apkhazeti will play against each other in the last match of the first round of A League. Both teams are debutants of A League. Mega Basket was created this year and Apkhazeti is a renamed Sokhumi, which left the Super League last year due to taking the last place.