The first finalist of the Dadiani memorial is Delta

The first finalist of the Dadiani memorial is Delta

The first finalist of the Dudu Dadiani memorial was revealed. Delta Tbilisi gained the right to play in the match for title, from the group A. The team, which took the 8th place in the last Super League, has gained 3rd consecutive victories over the current Dadiani Cup at the Olympic Palace and became inaccessible for everyone 2 days before the end of the group phase. The favorite was revealed in the second group too. Kutaisi has 2 out of 2 victories. MIA Academy-Titebi, Mgzavrebi and Olimpi are also fighting to go to the finals.


Delta – TSU-Hyundai 73:63

In the group, where are Dinamo, Rustavi, TSU-Hyundai and Batumi, the 5th member – Delta took the 1st place. The team trained by Leqso Lapanashvili became inaccessible for above-mentioned rivals despite that there are 2 rounds left in the group. Delta rests in one of these two rounds, and then holds one match against Batumi, but even if they lose, Delta will take the 1st place.

Delta gained its position after winning with Tsu-Hyundai. Both teams were undefeatable and they had a fairly tense and equal fight before the last minutes. But, eventually, Delta advanced with 10 points and won the match. The whole team made a great contribution to this achievement, especially American Legionaries – Rob Branderberg and Malcolm Drumwright. Beka Bekauri’s work is also worth to mention – he finished the meeting with 15 points and 8 rebounds.


Batumi – Dinamo 72:88

This match turned out to be the first at the Dadiani Memorial which was not equal. Dinamo, which lost two games before, found its game and defeated rivals without any resistance. The first period, which the Dinamo players won with 5 points, was more or less tense, however, Dinamo gained a solid leadership from the second period and maintained it until the end. Unfortunately, both teams have no chance of going to the finals and they will use the remaining  matches to prepare for the next Super League.


Cactus – Kutaisi 64:104

The final score shows that Kutaisi easily defeated its rival, without any resistance. The team trained by Kote Tughushi beat Cactus, which was left without a coach, with 40 points difference. Archil Zhghenti had health problems and was unable to lead Cactus on the memorials matches. The team lost 2 matches in the last seconds, and today they lost desperately.

Kutaisi won the first period 27:14 and was leading with 24 points before thi big break. The scenario didn’t change in the second half and Kutaisians calmly went to the victory. Giorgi Barbaqadze led the winners with with 21 points, Akaki Dvalishvili scored 20 points and 8 rebounds.


Olimpi – MIA Academy-Titebi 77:87

Super League debutant MIA Academy-Titebi improves from game to game. The team trained by Davit Ustiashvili won against Olimpi with 10 points difference and has a real chance to leave the group. Titebi was leading most of the time and Olimpi was trying to catch up and they managed it several times but eventually, Joel Almeida and his teammates played perfectly in the decisive moment and gained the victory. This legionary scored 30 points in total and greatly helped his team to win.

In the remaining two rounds B group will have decisive matches.