Delta defeated Mgzavrebi 3:0 and went to semifinals

Delta defeated Mgzavrebi 3:0 and went to semifinals

The first finalist of the Superleague is already known. Delta, trained by Leqso Lapanashvili and Davit Artsividze, won a third match over Mgzavrebi and eventually, won the series. Delta is the only team, which wasn’t defeated in playoffs. The team, which went to Superleague 2 years ago, won Dudu Dadiani Cup in the current season and has 6/6 victories in Superleague playoffs, accordingly, they gained a ticket for the finals.

Delta played today’s match as fast, effectively and teamly as other playoff matches. Each of the players did their best on the court. They performed extremely well so the result is clear: they defeated Olimpi in quarterfinals 3:0 and showed a same result against Mgzavrebi now.

Today’s match started and finished with Delta’s advantage. Lapanashvili’s team won the first period 27:20, reached more than 10-points advantage in the second period and Mgzavrebi only managed to reduce the difference to 8-9 points at one moment in the third quarter. Final 5 minutes didn’t make any sense as Delta’s leadership was more than 20 points.

6 players had more than 10 points from the winner team. Beqa Beqauri led them with 17 points and 8 rebounds. Artem Shvets scored 16 points. Saba Lobjanidze collected 15 points. Otar Pkhakadze and Gegi Baqradze had 14-14 points each. Adrian Bowie was the most effective with 21 points in Mgzavrebi. Kakha Jintcharadze scored 10 points and 9 rebounds. Prince Williams had 13 points.

Delta is already in the finals, while in another semifinal series between Kutaisi and Dinamo the score is 1:1 yet. The third match between these teams will be held today at Tbilisi Olympic Palace.