Dinamo defeated Mgzavrebi again and advanced 2:0 in the series

Dinamo defeated Mgzavrebi again and advanced 2:0 in the series

Dinamo Tbilisi defeated Mgzavrebi once more and advanced 2:0 in the serie. They need one more victory for finals, but Mgzavrebi also have a chance. They were more productive today, however they weren’t able to win.

The team trained by Buba Berishvili, lost the first period – 16:20. The score was 41:37 before the big break. The third period was very tense, Mgzavrebi managed to reduce the difference thanks to the team game and then, after Taylor Stafford’s 3-pointer, they advanced with 3 points – 50:47.

With the lead of Ilia Londaridze, Kiel Turpin and the guards, Dinamo managed to tie the game. Levan Grdzelidze scored a very important 3-pointer and Dinamo finished the third period with 5-points advantage – 23:18.

Mgzavrebi tried their best in the final quarter, but they weren’t able to change anything. 2 minutes before the end of the game, the advantage of Dinamo became more than 10 points, so the fate of the match was already decided. The current champion won 84:75 finally. Ilia Londaridze led the winners with 25 points. Kiel Turpin scored 12 points and 11 rebounds. Levan Grdzelidze and Lavell Boyd had 11-11 points each. Kakha Jintcharade and Adrian Bowie accumulated 13-13 points in Mgzavrebi. Avtandil Lominashvili scored 12 points.

Dinamo advanced 2:0 in the series and now they need one more victory for finals. The next match will be held on May 18, 16:00, at Tbilisi Olympic Palace.


Mikheil Berishvili – Dinamo player:

“Even though we won 9 points, I still think we had a more difficult and tense game compared to yesterday. The third match is ahead and we will try to prepare well.”

Irakli Khoshtaria – Dinamo head coach:

“Despite the difference, it was a very tense game as it should have been in playoffs. The game is to 3 victories, so I told my boys, that everything is ahead yet. Since we had a rather unstable season, it is necessary to be very concentrated before the last game.”