Second round matches of Dudu Dadiani memorial were held at the Olympic Palace

Second round matches of Dudu Dadiani memorial were held at the Olympic Palace

In the second round of Dudu Dadiani memorial, no less tense and exciting matches were held. Two new teams – Kutaisi and Batumi entered the draw, which were resting in the first round. After the second round the leader was identified. Delta Tbilisi is the only team that has 2 victories.


Kutaisi – Mgzavrebi 81:74

The representative of Imereti has successfully got involved in the Dadiani memorial. Kutaisians have got out of the previous tournamets in the semi-finals with the defeat with future champion Dinamo and their ambition this year is to win the title. The rival of Kutaisi was Mgzavrebi, which defeated Titebi yesterday. This match turned out to be tense and equal as well. The fate of the meeting was decided at the last minutes in favor of Kutaisi. The representatives of region won with 7 points advantage – 81:74.

Kutaisi maintained both legionaries from the previous season – Dejuan Wright and Jonathan Lee, which is a big plus for this team. The American tandem has studied the Georgian Super League well and will help the club even more in the next season. Kutaisians have added a member of Georgian National Team – Levan Patsatsia and a perspective young player – Davit Lomidze. Accordingly, they will use the Dadiani memorial matches to get used to each other and they will also try to gain a victory, which was managed only once, in 2011.


MIA Academy-Titebi – Cactus 78:76

The fate of this match was decided at the last seconds before the end. The captain of MIA Academy-Titebi Beso Lezhava advanced his team with a three-pointer 78:76 and this was the decisive score. Until that, there was an equal fight.

 It should be noted that the first round matches for both teams was equal and tense, both of which was lost at the last seconds. Accordingly, today’s victory was of great importance for the Super League debutant. After losing with Mgzavrebi, Titebi trained by Davit Ustiashvili gained the first victory at Dadiani memorial. As for Cactus, this team lost both matches of the tournament at the last minutes and they will meet the remaining matches of the group with more mobilization.


Dinamo – Delta 73:84

Dinamo Tbilisi is playing inappropriately if we take into account that they are champions of Dadiani Memorial and the Super League. The team trained by Irakli Khoshtaria has already lost the second match of the current tournament. Dinamo players lost against TSU-Hyundai in the last minutes yesterday, but today they lost 11 points with Delta.

Dinamo has 3 members of the National Team – Mikheil Berishvili, Merab Boqolishvili and Mikheil Chochua, they also have 3 legionaries, but the fact is that they aren’t used to play togather and if they do not improve this component, it will be hard for them in this season. As for Delta players and coaches, with the exemplary exclusion and fightability, this team wins for the second time and is the first on the Dudu Dadiani memorial that won the second victory.


Rustavi – Batumi 70:56

Batumi rested in the first round and Rustavian lost their debut match against above-mentioned Delta. The meeting between the representatives of regions has ended with the victory of Rustavi. Batumi was leading mostly, but when the decisive episode came to an end Rustavians showed more accuracy and won the match.

The 3rd round matches of Dudu Dadiani memorial will be held on October 18 at the Olympic Palace: