EuroBasket Tickets Are On Sale

EuroBasket Tickets Are On Sale

From September 1st till September 7th Georgia will host 2022 European Championship in Basketball. Games of EuroBasket 2022 group “A”, where national teams of Spain, Turkey, Belgium, Bulgaria and Montenegro are competing will be held in „Tbilisi Arena“.

Fans already have opportunity to purchase 1st tier VIP and “A Category” tickets as well as Tier II and “Follow Georgia” Category.

The seats which are located in the Tier 1 are divided into “A Category” and VIP. These places are  the best ones to experience EuroBasket. However, there are some seats in the Tier 1 with limited view, consequently this fact affects the price. “A Category” and VIP tickets will cost: 110, 130 and 150 GEL.

The owners of VIP ticket have access to the VIP zone, where they can get the catering service, soft drinks and Georgian wine.

We remind you that Fans will be able to purchase tickets from following 3 categories:
● Session 1: Allows fans to buy tickets for the first two games of the day.
● Session 2: Allows fans to buy ticket to attend the last game of the day (Game of Georgian
National Team)
● Session 3 “Follow Georgia”: Allows fans to buy a ticket to attend every game of the Georgian National Team. 5 game ticket will be on sale again and tickets can be purchased starting from August 16th till August 25th.

Tier 1 – Game ticket price (Last Game of the day of Georgian National Team; Session 2)
1. VIP 1 – 130-150 GEL
2. VIP 2 – 130-150 GEL
3. A Category – 110 GEL

Tier 2 – Game ticket price (Last Game of the day of Georgian National Team; Session 2)
1. A category – 60 GEL
2. B category – 50 GEL
3. C category – 45 GEL
4. D category – 40 GEL
5. E category – 35 GEL
6. F category – 20 GEL

Tier 1 – First two games price (Session 1):
1. VIP 1 – 180-230 GEL
2. VIP 2 – 180-230 GEL
3. A category – 160 GEL

Tier 2 – First two games price (Session 1):
1. A category – 100 GEL
2. B category – 90 GEL
3. C category – 80 GEL
4. D category – 70 GEL
5. E category – 60 GEL
6. F category – 45 GEL

Tier 2 tickets are divided into different – A-F categories. The price for the seats depends on the view of the court, and cost varies between 20, 35, 40, 45, 50 and 60 GEL. Relatively there are seats with limited view, however all of them are perfect to fully experience EuroBasket.

All ticket  holders should accept and agree to the FIBA Venue Rules

which are available under