Opening Of EuroBasket In Georgia

Opening Of EuroBasket In Georgia

From September 1st till September 7th along with Czech Republic, Italy and Germany, Georgia will host historic EuroBasket for the first time. Games of EuroBasket 2022 group “A”, where national teams of Spain, Turkey, Belgium, Bulgaria and Montenegro are competing will be held in „Tbilisi Arena“.

European Championship does not only have highest level continent event but has important worldwide attention which will unite hundreds of thousands of supporters in host cities and millions of fans at TV.

This great achievement was brought to our country thanks to the coordinated work and efforts of the Government of Georgia, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs of Georgia, President of Georgia, and the National Basketball Federation of Georgia.

The honor of hosting EuroBasket was preceded by a long period of development of Georgian basketball, successful competition of the national team and Georgian clubs, special love, and support of Georgian fans. It should be noted that this year Georgian basketball celebrates 100 years and it is symbolic that this anniversary coincides with the year of hosting EuroBasket.

The European Championship is distinguished by the highest sports culture and quality. World-class basketball stars will protect the honor of different countries, dozens of famous sports journalists and bloggers will visit Tbilisi; High-ranking guests, government delegations will come to our capital to support the participating teams.

Holding the European Championship in our country creates a great opportunity for the national basketball team to achieve significant result with our fans.

In order to make our city an outstanding host of EuroBasket, the days of the European Championship will be booked with a variety of activities.

Unforgettable fan zone will be opened on the territory of Rike Park from August 31. “First Channel” of Georgia will broadcast the opening ceremony in live at 21:30.

A huge hashtag, a branded hot air balloon, TV tower illuminated in EuroBasket, a bridge of peace and giant wheel will raise the mood one by one.

Fans arriving in the fan zone will be greeted by a giant screen where they can watch the live game and support their team.

Sponsors’ corners will be arranged in the Fan zone and various activities will bring unforgettable emotions and memories to the fans.

The year of hosting EuroBasket symbolically coincides with the 100th anniversary of Georgian basketball. A special alley, where representing historical moments of Georgian basketball will be organized in Rike Park. The book created in cooperation with the National Archives of Georgia and dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Georgian basketball will be presented in the Fanzone as well. The book includes all important moments of Georgian basketball history.

At the 2022 European Championship, our team will compete in new jerseys. Fan shop will be specially arranged in the Fanzone where Everyone will have opportunity to  purchase official jerseys and other attributes.

Food spaces, Children’s entertainment spaces, Electronic sports spaces will be specially organized. The Fanzone will also feature the official EuroBasket mascot DJ Bounce.

Be together with us and don’t miss EuroBasket days in Georgia! Bring The Noise!