Gori's Iverioni Is New Member Of "A" League

Gori's Iverioni Is New Member Of

“A” League has new participant. Zestaponi Margveti which hold 5th place in last years championship was replaced by Iverioni. The second game hold between teams figthing for their place in “A” League finished 90:90 and as team of Gori has won last game, eventually became the new participant of this season’s “A” League. After many years of trying, Gori’s team could fulfill their goal and will play in the 2nd high league of Georgia 

Gori has long lasting basketball traditions and had representatives in Super League may years ago. Accountable team was formed as a result of the involvement of Gori City Hall, the private and public sectors. Club has completely new management which together with public support arised private funding as well. Iverioni played wonderful qualification group stage and overcame another team from region, Telavi Burji and defeated “Margveti” in final round. 

Even though the second match of final qualification round was finished tie, Iverioni was leading the whole time, score and tied at the last second of the game. Margveti needed to win with more than 17 points to advance to “A” league. The fact that defeating opponent with 17 points different would be hard was visible from the start of the game.  Gori won the first quarter by 32:20, and did not leave any chances to opponent. Eventually “A” League has new member.

A” league will take place on January 5th and Dinamo, Astrali, Orbi, GTUNI, Akaki Tsereteli State University and Iverioni will compete for the title of championship.