Cactus defeated Titebi at the last seconds

Cactus defeated Titebi at the last seconds

Another match of the 9th round between Titebi and Cactus turned out very interesting and tense. The fate of the match was unrevealed until the very end, eventually Cactus won by 2 points – 69:67. Lasha Gamkrelidze’s Titebi lost the 4th match in a row and their situation in standings worsened importantly. Cactus itself equalized with Titebi and Rustavi with this victory and the standings got even more tense.

The first period ended equally – 16:16. Judge for yourself, the leader has been changed 10 times, and the equal score has been occured 9 times. Cactus was winning by 1 point for the big break. Titebi, however, managed to advance by 2 points in the third period at the expense of Corey Spence’s effectiveness 54:52.

Final period continued equally as well. 5 minutes before the end, Titebi advanced 65:61 thanks to 2 three-pointers of Luke Moyer, which was followed by Cactus’es minute-break. The effectiveness of Levan Lolishvili, Levan Gogaladze  and Brian Williams brought Cactus to the advantage approximately a minute before the final siren – 68:67.

Titebi had enough time to save the match, however, Corey Spence missed a two-pointer and then a three-pointer 12 seconds before the end. Cactus’es American legionnaire – Justin Everrett rebounded. Titebi finally lost hope after Besik Lezhava’s technical fouls. Brian Williams scored the first free-throw and missed another one. Final score was – 69:67.

Justin Everret became a top-scorer with 23 points in Cactus, the most effective one was Brian Williams with 19 points, 10 rebounds and 4 assists. Zoran Vilotijevic scored 7 points and 11 rebounds. A debutant Corey Spence was the most effective with 18 points in Titebi. Tristin Walley contributed 12 points and 7 rebounds.