Mgzavrebi didn’t leave a chance to Olimpi

Mgzavrebi didn’t leave a chance to Olimpi

Mgzavrebi is the most effective team of recent times in the Super League. The team trained by Buba Berishvili won for the 5th time in a row, which is a really good result. They defeated high ambitious Olimpi without any problems today. Mgzavrebi won 93:79, they had minimum 20-points advantage during the whole match.

There’s a few difference between Mgzavrebi and Olimpi in terms of lost points. Maybe, Mgzavrebi will be able to move from the 7th place to the sixth, or to the 5th , but more important is that Berishvili’s team is progressing and they will probably meet the playoffs in the best shape. It should not be of great importance who will be their rival in the ¼ final: Dinamo, Rustavi or Cactus. The main thing is, that the team should meet the decisive matches in a good shape and the rest will be decided later.

As for Olimpi, the team trained by Leonid Ivatin and Davit Rogava isn’t in appropriate form which is basically a fault of injuries. So today’s match should be a good lesson for the Olimpians and they will probably have a healthy ambition of success, when Mark Ogden and Nika Metreveli join the team.

The top scorer of today’s match was Adrian Bowie, who is on the second place with 19,6 average points in the current Super League. Deandre Parks is ahead of him. Taylor Stafford scored 17 points today. Irakli Alkhanaidze accumulated 16 points. Givi Baqradze and Morris Hill were the most effective in Olimpi with 16-16 points each. Nika Darbaidze scored 14 points.

The 26th round of the Super League will finish tomorrow, Cactus will play in Batumi and Dinamo will host Rustavi in the hometown.