Georgian Legion in France

Georgian Legion in France

Young members of the Georgian national team – 21-year-old Giorgi Korsantia and 22-year-old Giorgi Turdziladze will continue their careers in France. The promising players have signed a contract with the teams of the French MN 1 division. Giorgi Turdziladze will play in “Ruile”, and Giorgi Korsantia – in the “Cain”.

Both teams play in the 3rd division of France and, due to their ambition, aim to move up to the higher step, PRO B. We would like to remind you that both basketball players made their debut in the Georgian national team last February, in the match of the qualifying tournament of the European Championship, against Switzerland. Turdziladze was leading one of the candidates of championship TSU by points (16.8), while Korsantia was a leader in rebounds (11.5). Both of them had a successful season and obviously, they received many offers from both Georgian and foreign clubs.

Both of them will meet a number of legionnaires in their clubs. Korsantia has 2 Lithuanian and 5 African in the team players, while Turdziladze’s “Ruile” has American, Bosnian and Swiss players.

Giorgi Korsantia:

“This year’s well-played season and the appearance in the national team have attracted the interest of various European teams, but at this stage I chose the French team Caen, with whom I have already signed a contract and will defend its honor next season. I would like to thank TSU and the Georgian national time for their great contribution to my career advancement. ”

Giorgi Turdziladze:

“Two weeks ago I was contacted by a French club with whom I signed a contract two days ago. Of course, the period I played for the team played a big role. Those two games gave me an opportunity to appeared more. This team is not in the first division and I had offers from other, stronger divisions, but this time I chose this league, which is the third in France. This is not a weak division. I have an important step to take there, after which I will have a more realistic offer from the top leagues.”