Kutaisi will play in semi-finals

Kutaisi will play in semi-finals

The winner of the current Super League’s regular championship – Kutaisi will play in semi-finals. They defeated Marneuli 83:70, advanced in the series 2:0 and went through the semi-finals. The fate of the match was decided in the last period, Marneuli won the first half. After losing the first period 23:17, Marneuli was able to tie the game, they won the period – 23:17 and advanced with 4 points before the big break. Levan Eliadze and Giorgi Vakhania led the team to this advantage.

The situation has changed in the second half, Akaki Lomouri, Beqa Beqauri and Akaki Dvalishvili became more productive and Kutaisi managed to gain a leadership. They were winning with 11-points before the last period and ended the match without any complications.

Akaki Lomouri led the winners with 19 points. Beqa Beqauri (15 points, 10 rebounds) and Akaki Dvalishvili (11 points, 14 rebounds) had double-doubles. Levan Eliadze was the most effective with 23 points in Marneuli. Giorgi Vakhania had 11 points.

Kutaisi is in semi-finals and is waiting for an opponent, which will be revealed between Rustavi and Batumi.


Kote Tughushi – Kutaisi head coach:

“It was a quarter-final game, so it was tense. Despite the fact, that Delta took the 8th place in the regular championship, we expected that they would fight to the end and they did. They fought really hard, especially in the first half, but I’m glad that we were able to tie the game in the second half and win. Now we are waiting for our opponents in semi-finals. One of our leading players was injured, but I hope, he will get well soon and come back.”

Akaki Dvalishvili – Kutaisi player:

“I think it was a very good series. It was supposed to be an unequal battle, since Delta was on 8th place in the regular championship and we were on first, however, Delta players offered us a very tense game. We probably didn’t have enough concentration and made a lot of mistakes. After this, we will prepare for the semi-finals, I hope, we will go through the finals.”