Kutaisi defeated Dinamo and advanced in the final series

Kutaisi defeated Dinamo and advanced in the final series

The final series of the Super League started with a tense and an interesting game. Kutaisi 2010 defeated the current champion 77:71 at Kutaisi Sports Palace and advanced in the series – 1:0. The final series will last until 3 victories and the next match will be held on May 24, 18:30, at Kutaisi Sports Palace.

The victory of Kutaisi is more effective with the fact, that the meeting started with full domination of Dinamo. After advancing 11:0, the guests set a full control over the game. 4 minutes before the end of the period, they increased the difference to 15 points. After Mikheil Berishvili’s exact shot, the score became 19:4.

The hosts had to improve the game as soon as possible. They managed to reduce the difference to 9 points before the end of the first quarter with Beqa Tsivtszivadze’s effective play. And the match returned to the equal fight from the second period.

With the teamwork and good offensive tactics, Kutaisians were able to reduce the difference to 3 points for the big break (37:40). After this, none of the teams were able to gain a huge advantage and the leader changed several times.

But at the end of the third period, the hosts managed to advance with 6 points – 59:53. Then, with the efficiency of Kiel Turpin, Dinamo equalized the score – 61:61. However, Kutaisi still managed to advance with Giorgi Barbaqadze’s three-pointers and finally gained a victory – 77:71.

Dejuan Wright led the winners with 16 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists. Beqa Tsivtsivadze had 14 points and 7 assists. Giorgi Barbaqadze scored 12 points with three-pointers. Kiel Turpin was the most effective with 17 points in Dinamo. Nodar Gogodze scored 15 points. Only Ilia Londaridze had a double-double in today’s match – 12 points and 10 rebounds.