Kutaisi equalized the score in semi-finals

Kutaisi equalized the score in semi-finals

Kutaisi won 74:63 in Rustavi and equalized the score in semi-final series – 2:2. The 5th and decisive match will be held on May 20, in Kutaisi and the winner team will play in finals.

This is a superficial information, but the details of today’s match are highly interesting. The match between Rustavi and Kutaisi started at 19:00 and lasted till about 22:00. Obviously, they did not play for 3 hours, the reason for the extension of time was, that at the end of the second period the match was canceled for 40 minutes.

The referee gave Kutaisi’s coach – Kote Tughushi a technical foul 3 minutes before the end of the first half, when Kutaisi was winning with 15 points. The guard of the hall thought that there was a conflict starting between the referee and the coach and tried to defuse the situation, but it became more tense and thanks to the rational decision of organizers and Rustavi Mayor, everything ended peacefully and the match continued without fans.

Rustavi was losing 15 points, but they managed to reduce the difference to 5 points in the third period. Despite this, Revaz Chachanidze, Tyrell Nelson and Giorgi Tsekvava left the court due to the limit of personal fouls, so the team was left without chances.

Finally, Kutaisi achieved a very important victory. Dejuan Wright led the winners with 23 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists. Akaki Dvalishvili scored 21 points and 10 rebounds. Goga Tsekvava was the most effective with 20 points in Rustavi. Adam Blazek scored 12 points.

The 5th and decisive match of semi-finals will be held on May 20, at 18:30 in Kutaisi.