Rustavi beat Cactus in the final period

Rustavi beat Cactus in the final period

Rustavi defeated Cactus in the third round match. The meeting turned out to be quite tense, the fate of which was decided in the final quarter. Qvemo Qartli team, trained by Anatoli Boisa, won the final 10 minutes 31:13 and gave its victory a solid look – 88:72 (Statistics).

However, under the leadership of Samajae Haynes-Jones, Cactus did not have a hard time for 3 periods. After losing 17:18 in the first period, Cactus trained by Archil Zhgenti took the initiative, which was also reflected in the report and they advanced. The Tbilisi team won the second quarter 22:17 and took a big break with a 4-point lead – 39:35.

The third period turned out to be equal. Rustavi managed to reduce the difference by 2 points and it became clear that whoever won the last period, would gain a victory eventually. Rustavi held the final ten minutes at a high level and did not give a chance to Cactus. Thanks to the team game, Qvemo Qartli won the period with a difference of 18 points and gained the 2nd victory in the current Super League.

Jylan Washington led the winners with 16 points and 19 rebounds. Guga Patashuri collected 22 points. Michael Davis scored 16 points, Hayned-Jones was the most effective with 30 points in Cactus, Sandro Sanadze scored 16 points.

In the last match of this round, Vera will host Titebi.