Statement Of Georgian Basketball Federation

Statement Of Georgian Basketball Federation


The Georgian Basketball Federation would like to express indignation towards the provocative actions taken by the head coach of the Turkish national team, his actions aimed to escalate the situation, he did not hesitate to make offensive gestures towards the game officials and the supporters.

His unethical behavior, and continuous insulting statements made in press and at the press conferences had impact on the Turkish national team players, a clear example of which was physical aggression from Furkan Korkmaz’s side towards the players of Georgian national team. These actions were accompanied by threats and aggressive statements from his side. Threatening messages were sent by the supporters of Turkish national team to Georgian players several times.

In order to give a strict response to the deliberately provocative behavior of the head coach of the Turkish national team The Georgian Basketball Federation demands an appropriate response from FIBA. ​

At the same time, the statement by the vice-president of the Turkish Federation Omer Onan about the attack on their player by the police and the players of the Georgian national team is surprising, slanderous and beyond all limits…

The Georgian Basketball Federation will take all the necessary actions to clarify Omen Onan’s wrong and offensive statement as soon as possible and hopes that Omer Oman is not voicing the view of our friendly federation towards us and our state structures, and this is only his personal interpretation, which is not supported by any evidence. That’s why we demand immediate, special investigation to determine the truth.

The Georgian Basketball Federation completely disassociates itself from all forms of violence. Our position is that what happens between the players and the participants of the match should not go beyond the boundaries of the court.