Vakhtang Qadaria’s 27 points and Vera’s 4th victory in the Superleague

Vakhtang Qadaria’s 27 points and Vera’s 4th victory in the Superleague

8th round ended with a match between Cactus and Vera. The match went on fast and finished with the victory of Vera – 81:72. It was the 4th victory of Irakli Khoshtaria’s team after 3 defeated matches in a row. Vera achieved this success at the expense of team game, they broke Cactus in the third period.

Cactus, trained by Archil Jgenti, started productively and won the first period 30:21 thanks to fast attacks and long-range shots. Irakli Khoshtaria changed tactics from the second quarter and strengthened defense, which took away Cactus’es chance of fast offenses and accurate long-range shots.

Khoshtaria’s tactic turned out successful and Vera won the second period 15:8. Vakhtang Qadaria and Wendell Lewis took control over the three-second zone, Cactus had trouble to stop them, so Vera used this moment effectively. The third quarter finished with the victory of Vera as well – 27:16.

As a result, Vera’s advantage achieved 9 points before the decisive period and if Cactus had an ambition to win this match, they should have changed tactics as soon as possible. However, Archil Jgenti’s team wasn’t able to do so. Game continued equally, Vera wasn’t giving their rivals a chance, accordingly, they won by 9 points.

Vakhtang Qadaria became a top scorer in the winning team, he collected 27 points and 10 rebounds.Wendell Lewis scored 17 points and 11 rebounds. 18-years old Irakli Sulkhanishvili had 15 points. Givi Baqradze contributed 10 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists. Justin Everrett was the most effective with 23 points in Cactus. Brian Williams scored 18 points and Mikheil Chochua had – 13.

9th round matches of the Superleague will be held on December 6 and 7.