2 semi-finalists were revealed at Dudu Dadiani Memorial

2 semi-finalists were revealed at Dudu Dadiani Memorial

The first semifinalist of Dudu Dadiani Memorial was revealed after the first match of today’s round. Basketball club Rustavi, which defeated Mgzavrebi yesterday, beat TSU in the second match and managed to leave the A group. With 2 out of 2 victories, Qvemo Qartli became inaccessible. In the last match of this group, TSU and Mgzavrebi will face each other, who can also advance to the playoffs by taking the second place in the group, however, their chances, due to the defeats experienced, are theoretical.

TSU – Rustavi (Group A)
Statistics: 75:86

Tbilisi State University team got involved in Dudu Dadiani Memorial today. The team trained by Lekso Lapanashvili was resting yesterday when Rustavi defeated Mgzavrebi. In case of victory, Rustavi trained by Anatoli Boisa would take the first place in the group and they eventually reached the goal.  TSU resisted the opponent, but did not have enough strength to succeed.

TSU was oppressed undercover because the legionnaire in the center position has not arrived yet and the team has problems in the three-point zone.  Rustavi took advantage of this – mainly Gegi Baqradze and American Jylan Washington, who jointly scored 35 points and 25 rebounds. Michael Davis became a top scorer with 21 points and 7 rebounds. Brandon Slay was the most effective in TSU with 17 points, Nathaniel Wright had a double-double – 16 points and 10 rebounds. 

Titebi – Vera (Group B)
Statistics: 82:79

Manuchar Markoishvili celebrated his first victory as the head coach. He made his debut win against Vera and underwent some rehabilitation after losing to Cactus the day before. Titebi finished the group stage with this match and the tournament with it, while Vera will face Cactus in the final round.

Branden Aughburns had the best result in Titebi – 27 points and 11 rebounds. Davit Lomidze scored 17 points, Giorgi Japaridze had 11. Luka Maziashvili was the most effective in Vera with 14 points. Merab Shengelia collected 13 points, Givi Baqradze, Vakhtang Qadaria and Davit Dekanoidze had 11-11 points each. 

Tskhum-Apkhazeti – Kutaisi (Group C)
Statistics: 86:87

The second semifinalist of the memorial is Kutaisi 2010, which won the second match of the group in a tense battle and became inaccessible to its group-mates Olimpi and Tskhum-Apkhazeti.  Imereti club defeated Olimpi in the first round accompanied by the final siren – 77:75, and today in an even more tense battle, they defeated Tskhum-Apkhazeti by 1 point.

Niko Cherqezishvili’s team has not received legionnaires yet, therefore, it lacks solid strength and had a very difficult time in the debut. In the first period, Tskhumi lost 17:31 and seemed to be without chances, but from the second quarter, they organized the game and significantly reduced the difference.

After a big break, Tskhum-Apkhazeti managed to advance and Kutaisi was in real danger of losing. Everything was decided at the last minute, where Kutaisi with relatively experienced basketball players, as well as 2 legionnaires won with a minimal difference and closed the C group in the first place.

In the last match of this group, Tskhum-Apkhazeti will face Olimpi.

Let us remind you that the winner of each of the three groups will be joined by the best second-place holder in the semi-finals. 2 participants of the playoffs are known, to which 2 more will be added after the last round. Before the games take place, every team except Titebi has a chance to win the remaining tickets. Cactus, Olimpi and Tskhum-Apkhazeti are in a relatively better situation.