Dudu Dadiani Memorial Tournament Has Started In Olympic Palace

Dudu Dadiani Memorial Tournament Has Started In Olympic Palace

First 3 games withing the Dudu Dadiani Memorial Tournament were held in Tbilisi Olympic Palace. This year, friendly tournament takes place for the 20th time already. Tournament in memory of Georgian Basketball Federation Vice President, Dudu Dadani, was held in 2003 for the first time. After turning into tradition memorial is held before the start of super league every fall.

This time all 11 teams of super league are participating in the tournament, and they are divided into 3 groups. Today, members of “B” and “C” groups started competition. 1 out of three games was extremely tensed and final outcome was decided in overtime, while last game was finished with 42 points difference.

Group “B” – Olimpi – Vera 83:62(Statistics)

The main purpose of Dudu Dadiani Memorial Tournament is to give teams chance to test new players and prepare for upcoming championship. These games are perfect opportunity for “Olimpi” which will compete with very strong roaster and fight for leading places in the championship.

The same can be stated about their opponent “Vera”. Despite the fact that team was playing without legionnaires, they indeed played well against strong rival. After 4 quarters difference on scoreboard was 21 points, however “Vera” was fighting in the first half.

 Head coach of “Olimpi” gave almost the same playing time to all main players, which means that they are following the preparation plan. Before the start of last quarter, difference in score was 10 points. In decisive 10 minutes ““Olimpi”” was playing with substitutes, “Vera” was already experiencing problems and huge difference.


Group “B”: Caucasus – Tulips 83:80 (Statistics)

Caucasus coached by Beka Tsivtsivadze started season with surprise. Even though, both teams were holding the first game of the season, “Tulips” playing with 4 legionaries, were seeking the victory just like their opponent.

Caucasians have very interesting team consisting of leggioneries, experienced and promising Georgian players and if they play well, we will witness great season by the club. They indeed have great legionaries, especially we should outline Justin Foster, who scored important 3 pointer 25 second before the final buzzer and turned game into overtime.  

“Tulips” are performing with great legionnaires as well and Luke Moyer, who has been playing in Georgia for 3 years already, should be outlined. 31 points scored by him was not enough to gain victory, but winner of last year Dudu Dadiani Memorial Tournament will try to advance from the group by winning second game.

Group “C” – Mega-Kutaisi 59:111 (Statistics)

The result of this game shows that there was no fight. Kutaisi is favorite of the championship for several years already and there is no difference this time. Coach Kote Tugushi invited 3 legionaries who are the main force of the team, however Georgian players are also very experienced -their captain, Giorgi Barbakadze, is holding 12th season with Kutaisi’s jersey.  

Barbakadze played for 13 minutes and scored 10 points. Jarvis Rey with 22 points became the best scorer. Rey played for Kutaisi in last season as well and contributed a lot for gaining the championship title. Newcomer Stanley Davis scored 22 points. Candidate for National team, Luka Maziashvili was the most vulnerable player scoring 15 points, 8 rebounds, 5 steals and 4 assists.

As for Mega, team ccoached by Nikoloz Cherkezishvili has only 1 legionary  Ronnie Reausie, who collected 14 points. Young Vakhtang Gedenidze scored 14 points as well. Veteran player Goga Tsekvava is playing for Mega and was the most vulnerable player in his team scoring 7 points, 3 assists, 3 rebounds.

On October 13th 5 more games will be held.