Team of "Akaki Tsereteli State University" Won Student League and Qualified for "A" League

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Student League is finished and identity of team which will play in professional, financially supported tournament and have chance to qualify for Super league, is revealed. In next, 2022-2023 season,  team of Kutaisi, “Akaki Tsereteli State University” will play in “A” League, organized by Georgian Basketball Federation. Team from Kutaisi won final rounds against Team of “Sports University”, by final score 2:1.

“A” League is professional championship and each participant team receives 70 000 Lari from  “Basketball Development State Program”. Consequently as team of “Akaki Tsereteli State University” won professional league license, they will get funding from next season. By attracting additional funds are right management, Kutaisi team has chance to advance to next level, in case of winning “A” League and get ticket for “Super League”

Student League is held together by Goergian Basketball Federation and Student Sports Federation  within the framework of a “memorandum of cooperation” .This year tournament was held in tight timeframe, caused by covid regulations and restrictions.

Team of “Akaki Tsereteli State University” defeated “Sports University” by final score 2:1. Team of sports university beat favorite of championship, team of “Tbilisi Technical University”, in semifinal.  As for Kutaisi, team coached by Koba Kirtadze,  was able to defeat Team of “Medical State University” in very tense quarterfinal. They were able to win following matches convincingly and as we have outlined before qualified for “A” League.

Awarding ceremony was held in Kutaisi Sport Palace where 3rd game of final round took place. Kutaisi won by score 95:65. Finalist teams were awarded with gold and silver medals by Ana Kakabadze, member of Tbilisi City Assembly, and  Gaga Gachechiladze, Basketball Federation board member.

Rati Nutsubidze from Kutaisi was named as MVP of Championship, and was awarded with special prize by Gaga Gachechiladze.

Together with Student League, “B” division of championship was held. Team of “Agricultural University of Georgia” won the tournament. Winners will replace team of Ilia State University, which held last place in “A” league.

A qualification series will also be held with the participation of the teams of the Medical University and Kutaisi Technical University, which were defeated in the finals of the “B” league. The winner of this series will earn a ticket to the Student “A” League for the 2022-2023 season.