For Support Attention!

For Support Attention!

Tomorrow EuroBasket starts in Georgia.

Games of EuroBasket 2022 group “A”, where national teams of Spain, Turkey, Belgium, Bulgaria and Montenegro are competing will be held in „Tbilisi Arena“ (University str. 25)

For supporters attention: movement by car at university street will be limited and only one way transportation will be allowed from M. Tamarashvili street to Politkovskaia street on September 1st from 11:00AM till 00:00 AM;

on September 3rd from 11:00 AM till September 4th 00:00 AM;

 on September 6th from 11:00 AM till September 7th 00:00 AM

Supporters will be able to use parking sport near TSU Library and Amaghleba Church.

See FIBA Venue Rules available under: