TSU is The Second Semifinalist of Dudu Dadiani Memorial Tournament

TSU is The Second Semifinalist of Dudu Dadiani Memorial Tournament

Today, at least 1 semifinalist of Dudu Dadiani Memorial Tournament should have been revealed. Winner of “Olimpi”-“Caucasus” should have become the holder of first place in group C, however the game was postponed due to technical problems. Because of heavy rain, water was pouring in the small gym of the Olympic palace and game between the 2 strongest teams of group C will be held on October 15th, at 20:00.

Despite this, one semifinalist was still revealed today. TSU won a close game by one point and advanced to the next round of competition. Yesterday, TSU defeated Apkhazia by 81:80, today they won over Batumi by 78:77 (Statistics). Beka Bekauri, 2 seconds before the final buzzer scored winning 3 pointer and became true hero and best scorer of the game – 29 points, 11 rebounds and 4 blocks.

Even though TSU has one more game to play, holding first place in the group is guaranteed for them. Even if, team coached by Lekso Lapanashvili loses upcoming game, they will not be behind Batumi and Apkhazia as they have defeated both mentioned teams and qualification to semifinals will be determined according to the games played between each other. it is impossible that 3 teams will have 3 wins in group A, as Batumi and Apkhazia are facing each other in next tour, and holder of first place TSU will meet Kaktus in next game.

One of the games held today could not have effected results of semifinals as Tulips and Vera have both lost last 2 games. Tulips were winning during whole game and finally defeated opponent by 80:74 (Statistics). Both teams finished competing at Dudu Dadiani Memorial Tournament.

Apkhazia, which defeated Kaktus by 86:68(statistics) still has chance to advance from the group. In case, team coached by Irakli Dzidziguri defeats Batumi in next game, they will finish group phase on second place. According to competition rules, the best second place holder will qualify to the semifinals together with first place teams.

How the best second place holder be revealed when there are equal amount of teams in groups? In 4 team pools (A and B) the result of game with last place holder will be subtracted from second place holders and this way all the teams will have equal 2 games played. After this the 4th semifinalist will be revealed. Because of this rule, Rustavi, Batumi and Apkhazia need to win the last game of group stage, and victory should be as big as possible.